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Zinia K

United Kingdom
Main Contact
Zinia Khan
Tel: (+44) 07951765652

Key products/services

Modest and stylish clothing


Zinia K makes ethical, stylish scarves and modest clothing, while addressing the interests of workers right through a transparent label that always puts humans before the label.

Zinia K caters to the needs of fashionable and ethically conscious British Muslim consumers. Zinia K ethos is to work with socially responsible manufactures that contribute positively to their local communities.

The aim is to have set-up their own factory and manufacture ethical sustainable fabric and clothing.

Ethical Focus & Policy

Zinia K Values are that it believes when you shop consciously, you can change someone’s life. The company believes that fashion and sustainability go hand in hand, with also a strong commitment to economic and social injustice for workers and consumers.

This is achieved by making sure that Zinia K products are all ethically stitched. Zinia K has a strong policy that its products are made in fair labour conditions, receive fair living wage, receive fair treatment and have safe working conditions.

Zinia K currently sells upcycled scarves and a new range of scarves A/W2016 are made completely from recycled material made from plastic bottles. As a small company Zina K is always looking at best practises that they can implement to become more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Pricing information

Wholesale: £10-£50 (GBP)

Retail: £17.99- £95 (GBP)

Products and services

Ethical Scraves / Hijabs

Minimum order criteria


Typical Product lead times

2-3 months

Closest shipping ports