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United Kingdom
Main Contact
Peter Salcedo
Tel: (0151) 6508888

Key products/services

Vertically integrated cotton supply chain.


Plexus is involved in all aspects of the cotton supply chain from seed to the finished goods in our operations in Africa.

As well as an experienced team that trade the physical raw commodity, we have been involved in many years in developing communities in Africa.
This is made possible through our educational programmes for small holder farmers (some 200,000 plus) in better crop production, female gender training to increase the number of female lead farmers, to our partnership work with Aid by Trade Foundation for water bore holes as well as Care.

We are also involved in the finished good production so will take the cotton industry from the seed to finished garment all in Africa.

Ethical Certification/Memberships

  • Better Cotton Initiative
  • CMiA

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Ethical Focus & Policy

Plexus Cotton work with approximately 200,000 farmers in Malawi, Mozambique & Uganda, delivering training, education and assistance with the aim of improving environmental, social and economic conditions. Most of their farmers, ginning and trading operations are CMIA & BCI eligible, allowing them to market the cotton around the globe with traceability and transparency and into the sustainable supply chains of retail partners.

The company is working with local partners to create vertically integrated “field to fabric” cotton textile operations in Sub-Saharan Africa, designed to add value to the local economy, rather than export it.

Plexus has long-established relationships with partners at every stage of the value chain and works to deliver sustainable traceable cotton into mainstream supply routes through collaborative models. It works with retailers & brands to deliver tailored development activities at origin, allowing them to demonstrate on the ground investment in sustainable cotton production.

Plexus is inspiring positive change in the way the world looks at cotton.

We believe that without a focus on the economic benefits of the sustainable cotton supply chain and good business practice the long term beneficial change will not ultimately be changed. Our educational programmes are making a difference in better yields.

In addition to their BCI & CMIA activities, Plexus are registered traders of FLO-Cert Fairtrade, IMO Fair for Life and Control Union Certified organic raw cotton.

Products and services

-Sustainable African Cotton Production (CMIA, BCI, Organic, Fairtrade) and supply.
-African small holder farmer training and community development.
-Global sustainable cotton sourcing and supply-chain management.
-Integrated “field-to-fashion” African sustainable cotton garment & textile supply chain.
-Cotton supply chain risk management.