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Organic Cotton Colours

Main Contact
Santi Mallorqui
Tel: +34 972 835995

Key products/services

Natural coloured, organic cotton experts.


Organic Cotton Colours has more than 20 years experience working to enhance people’s health with cotton textiles. They specialise in organic cotton products for people suffering with disorders such as electro-sensibility, MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity), fibromyalgia and skin conditions.

Their organic cotton is free from dyes, chemicals and synthetic products. This applies throughout the production and supply process, resulting in exceptionally pure fabrics in the natural colours of the Earth: ecru, brown and green.

Organic Cotton Colours produce organic cotton with an OCCGuarantee directly through farmers in Brazil. They are able to control the transformation from the raw material to sell yarn, fabrics or final products to retail.

Ethical Certification/Memberships

  • GOTS certified

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Ethical Focus & Policy

Organic Cotton Colours promotes the use of organic cotton which is free from chemicals and synthetic products throughout the entire growing, processing and manufacturing process.

Organic Cotton Colour’s control starts with the seed, hiring farmers that cultivate their own land on biodynamic cultivated land. The yarn is produced in Catalonia and the fabrics in Portugal, both are manufactured with GOTS certification.

Organic Cotton Colours use seeds that are not genetically modified. The croplands are free of polluting agricultural machinery, and respectful with life and animal biodiversity using no insecticides. To preserve the purity of the fibre once pulled, it is simply washed in rain water.

The focus is to apply sustainability and efficiency criteria to all processes in order to minimize energy consumption and use natural resources wisely.

In over 24 years, the company has never used dyes on the fabrics or wet textile finishing processes, reducing water consumption and eliminating toxic products.

Staff, clients and suppliers are encouraged to engage in environmentally-friendly practices through training and information.

450 farmworkers and families are involved in the project with no intermediaries or exploitation.


Looking to manufacture in Europe and for companies that want to develop new projects using naturally coloured textiles.


Pricing information

Per meter of fabric: 10 – 20€
Basic t-shirt: 12€

Products and services

Fibres, yarn, fabrics and garments ideal for people with skin sensitivities.

Retail products such as socks, underwear, baby wear, towels and bed linens.

Maximum order criteria

Depends on the product

Typical Product lead times

4-5 weeks for any custom made items..

3 working days for stocked items.

Closest shipping ports

All shipping done from Catalonia.