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Main Contact
Gabriella Cocco
Tel: +(977) 9801101863

Key products/services

Luxury handmade products from Nepal.


GCHANDMADE is based in Nepal. They are a small company specialising in handmade luxury accessories made with natural fibres.

The accessories are made with the highest quality fibres; white cashmere from Inner Mongolia, Yak wool from Tibet and unbleached linen from Belgium.

All fibres are hand spun by Nepalese women in their home villages and woven by Bangladeshi weavers using traditional pedal looms. GCHANDMADE only use eco-friendly dyes from Switzerland.

GCHANDMADE’s buyers are predominantly high-end brands requiring hand woven textiles for scarves, shawls and throws.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

GCHANDMADE support women from small villages, enabling them to earn income so as to care for their families and input into their local communities.

By supporting these women financially, GCHANDMADE minimise the costs of travelling, paying wages much higher than the minimum national wage and contribute to the cost of the children’s schools fees. They also encourage traditional hand spinning skills which is common among Nepalis women.

GCHANDMADE also works with other companies to promote “Slow Fashion” by producing ageless accessories that do not follow fast fashion trends. The aim is that the accessories become an indispensable item of one’s wardrobe.

GCHANDMADE aim to educate the customers to understand that the beauty of the handmade is in its inaccuracy and the impossibility to have two pieces identical.

Pricing information

FOB wholesale price for cashmere stole 71×200cm (170g) – approx. US $95

FOB wholesale price for Yak stole 71×200 cm (170g) – approx. US $50

FOB wholesale price for cashmere throw 140×200cm (925g) – approx. US $430

FOB wholesale price for Yak throw 140×200 cm (925g) – approx. US $190

Products and services

Luxury accessories including scarves, shawls and throws.

Can customise any order of accessories in terms of size, colour and weight (150 cm width maximum).

Can weave in traditional weaving pattern: micro-diamonds, basket, crapt and twill and with jacquard looms can make other more complicated patterns.

The hand spun yarns are available in 3 different thicknesses.


15% surcharge on the production price

Requirements for sampling: size, feeling (to indicate the weight and weaving pattern), colour (pantone code).

Minimum order criteria

15 pieces per size and weaving pattern. At least 3 pieces per colour.

Maximum order criteria

Dependant on design.

Typical Product lead times

45 days on average.

Closest shipping ports

Use DHL account but are happy to use any courier as requested. DHL Nepal has an express service and for Europe normally a parcel takes 4 working days. All products made in Nepal are import duty free for Europe.