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Studio Non Sequitur

Hauz Khas Village
New Delhi 110016
Main Contact
Janne Meier
Tel: (91) 8860736295

Key products/services

Quality sampling, manufacturing and hand embroidery.


Studio Non Sequitur (SnS) offers quality sampling and pattern making services – In-house hand embroidery design, execution and fabrics lengths/appliques – along with low MOQ manufacturing.

Specialising in embroidered garments and high-end woman’s fashion – bridal and occasion wear – tailored menswear and home fashions, SnS undertakes sourcing services as well as CMT production.

The goal of SnS is to continue to develop and deliver great service and quality, long-lasting products – while steadily contributing to the development of a more sustainable and fair fashion industry through mindful business practices, waste reduction, ethical sourcing and fairly paid, secure and respectful employment relations.

The studio is owned by Tushar Bhartiya, a fashion designer and experienced creative pattern maker from NIFT, New Delhi and Janne Meier, an anthropologist from Denmark with a research background in the business of fashion and sustainability. Janne is also a self-taught embroidery designer.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

SnS has a strong focus on sustainability and transparency – following mindful business practices in all aspects.

As a manufacturer, the strongest contribution SnS can make is creating an increasing number of good, fairly paid and secure jobs and increasing the local skill base in expert tailoring and the art of hand embroidery.

Through mindful use and re-use of resources, ethical sourcing practices, waste reduction and holistic sustainability evaluations, SnS steadily attempts to make ethical business practices ‘Business as usual’ in the fashion industry.

Please visit their website for more details on the values and responsibilities that guides Studio Non Sequitur.


-Emerging designers
-Small to medium sized brands
-Boutique owners
-Private labels
-Start up’s

Contact Info

General enquiries: [email protected]

Pricing information

• 15 – 250 $ fashion garments
• 200 – 3000 $ bridal gowns
• 6 – 250 $ for appliques, hair pieces, wedding belts etc.

Products and services

• pattern making
• sizing and grading
• sampling
• low MOQ manufacturing
• hand embroidery
• embellished garments
• embroidered fabric lengths
• hand embroidered appliques
• bridal fashion
• high end woman’s fashion
• menswear
• home furnishings
• sourcing
• consultancy
• design
• embroidery design
• digital print
• hand block print
• screen print
• accessories
• bridal accessories
• supply chain management


Sampling charges depend on the product. Generally deducted in larger orders.

Minimum order criteria

Depends on product.

Maximum order criteria

Depends on product.

Typical Product lead times

Hand embroidery orders: 1- 12 weeks, depending on order size
CMT: 2-12 weeks, depending on order size
Sampling: 2-4 weeks

Closest shipping ports


For orders below 1 cubic meter airfreight is recommended. DHL is always used for orders in this category. They are extremely reliable and deliver to most of the US, Europe and Australia in 2-4 days.