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2011 Exhibitor Directory

2011 Exhibitor Directory


Brief: Animana produce semi-handicraft garments in the Andes, designs are contemporary while containing the history of the Andes. Animana preserve ancestral techniques by hand spinning local natural fibres, and dyeing garments using local plants.

Ethics: Working with local communities to produce garments that are produced using natural fibres and dyes.

Products: Semi-handcraft garments, using natural fibres: Llama, guanaco, alpaca, silk, cotton-wool, meriono-wool, raffia, corn, onix, alpaca metal and natural dyes

Region: Patagonia, Andes

Website: www.animanaonline.com

Email: info@animanaonline.com



Brief: Ardalanish, Isle of Mull Weavers, design & weave beautiful quality tweeds, rugs, scarves & soft furnishings from the naturally coloured wool of Britain’s native breeds of sheep. Some plant dyes are used

Ethics: Ethical & Organic wool from Hebridean, Shetland, Manx breeds of sheep, woven on our organic farm providing local employment with occasional opportunity for apprenticeship. Soil Association GOTS DK09582

Products: Tweed, rugs, shawls, wraps, scarves, knitting yarn, sweaters & small range of tailored men & women’s wear.

Region: Scottish Islands

Website: http://www.ardalanishfarm.co.uk/

E-mail: info@ardalanish.com


Assisi Garments

Brief: Assisi Garments was founded in 1994, working with women who are handicapped and economically disadvantaged. Assisi has an infrastructure production facility, and is an ISO 9001-2008 certified unit for Quality Management Systems

Ethics: Work with handicapped and economically disadvantaged women to produce Fairtrade, Organic Garments
Standards: SA 8000, GOTS (Control Union), FLO cert, WFTO

Products: Organic Cotton Garments, 10,000 pcs/day

Region: India

Website: www.assisiorganics.com

Email: dgm@assisiorganics.com

Assisi Garments

Aura herbal

Brief: Aura uses an innovative natural dye process to produce herbal textiles and dyes. Lengths of up to 1000 meters are available in a wide range of fabrics and print designs, including voiles, poplins, twills, flannels, corduroys, denims, knits, and silks.

Ethics: Aura Herbal Textiles Ltd is certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) for their all natural/herbal dyeing processes, and recycle all waste produced.

Products: Menswear, Womenswear, Textiles and Accessories

Region: Gujarat, India

Website: www.auraherbalwear.com

Email: info@auraherbalwear.com

Aura herbal


Brief: AURGANIK is the first producer organic fabric brand in all type of woven and knitted fabrics in organic cotton, silk and its blend with other natural fibres dyed with natural herbs, eco-friendly dyes. It is also producing apparels under the brand name of TVACH in India. The name AURGANIK symbolizes organic matter that transcends the human aura with its beneficial inherent properties. Ethics-AURGANIK is your step towards sustainable living. This producer brand makes authentic luxury fabric that intends to pioneer a change of ecological and ethical in the fashion and apparel spectrum. Hereby, garmenting done using AURGANIK fabric will pave the way for skin -friendly fashion, better ecology , an a detour back to the nature`s hidden secrets .

Ethics: standard- GOTS, dyed in natural & eco-friendly colors and no harmful chemicals used in manufacturing processes

Products: Babywear, Childrenswear, Knitwear, Menswear, Womenswear

Region: India

Website: www.aurganik.com

Email: info@aurganik.com


AVANI - Kumaon Earthcraft Self Reliant Cooperative

Brief: Avani is an NGO that has been working in the Kumaon region of the Central Himalayas since 1997. Avani established the Kumaon Earthcraft cooperative, registered in 2005, which works in more than 60 villages with almost 700 artisans, farmers and dye material collectors and thereby preserving the traditional craft of hand spinning and hand weaving in these villages. Most of the participants are women.

Ethics: Creation of rural livelihood opportunities in remote rural villages, participation of the community, respect for traditional knowledge, conservation and fair trade practices. The textiles use eco friendly technologies like solar energy, rainwater harvesting, waste water recycling.

Products: Shawls, stoles, scarves, tweeds, furnishings, hand spun yarns, dye materials. Hand made silk and wool textiles, based on the traditional skills of hand spinning, hand weaving and natural dyeing, made in Tibetan sheep wool, Australian Merino Wool and wild silks of eri, muga, tussar and oak tussar. Products have low carbon footprint and are made using natural dyes that are locally collected and/or grown by the womens’ groups.

Region: Central Himalayas, India

Website: www.avani-kumaon.org

E-mail: info@avani-kumaon.org

AVANI - Kumaon Earthcraft Self Reliant Cooperative

Bishopston Trading Company

Brief: Bishopston Trading has worked with their fair trade producer partners in South India for the last 25years, producing clothing & accessories, and Organic & Fairtrade cotton fabric.

Ethics: Work with villages in South India encouraging traditional skills, and produce Organic & Fairtrade fabric and garments.
Standards: WFTO, FLO cert, BAFTS, WFTO, Control Union

Products: Organic & Fairtrade Fabric, and woven fabrics from traditional handlooms

Region: South India

Website: www.bishopstontrading.co.uk

Email: wholesale@bishopstontrading.co.uk

Bishopston Trading Company

Bolo´no Mali

Brief: Bolo’no Mali is a charity founded 10 years ago by Kati Ertel a French textile, interior and fashion designer and textile expert with the aim to preserve natural cotton from Africa and traditional techniques of textile making and weaving.

Ethics: Bolo’no is sourcing, using and making natural fabrics made out of natural wild Malian Cotton. They are using natural fibres and dyes. Supplying energy through solar panel for the Bolo’no workplace and gallery, providing education and training to adults and children, sponsoring children education, recycling by using fabric scraps and/or mixing second hand clothing to create clothing and accessories range.

Products: Accessories, Artisanal/Craft, Babywear, Fabrics-woven, Interior products, Scarves, Womenswear

Region: UK/ Mali West Africa

Website: www.bolonomali.com

Email: feeuhssi@gmail.com

Bolo´no Mali

Continental Clothing

Brief: Continental Clothing is a manufacturer and distributor of own brands Continental® and EarthPositive®.
Continental: Manufacture in Turkey using locally grown Aegean cotton, and more environmentally friendly fibres such as Tencel.
EarthPositive: Manufacture in India where the process delivers a 90% reduced carbon footprint, and products are made from Organic Cotton.

Ethics: Work with villages in South India encouraging traditional skills, and produce Organic & Fairtrade fabric and garments.

Standards: Soil Association, Carbon Trust, Organic Exchange, Won the Ethical Corporation 2010 Responsible Business Award in the Outstanding Performance category

Products: High street cotton garments

Region: UK, Germany, Turkey, India

Website: www.continentalclothing.com

Email: sales@continentalclothing.com

Continental Clothing

Do U Speak Green

Brief: Do U Speak Green ? is an Organic Clothing Brand contributing 10% of sales to for environmental conservation. This Brand is from Fusion Clothing Company who have19 years experience in manufacturing & supplying knitted clothing to Top Brands around the world.

Ethics: Contribute 10% of sales for Environmental Conservation, use sustainable materials where possible

Standards: ISO, GOTS, OE 100

Products: Organic cotton & bamboo clothing

Website: www.douspeakgreen.com

Email: sales@fusionclothing.com

Do U Speak Green

Eden Studio

Brief: Eden Studio is a full service CMT production and sampling unit for all types of garments, including eveningwear, tailoring, lingerie and a wide selection of fabrics such as silks, chiffons, woollens and jerseys. All production is quality inspected by hand.

Ethics: Re-use and recycle all waste, use organic materials where possible

Products: Pattern making, toiling, small run production, bespoke, product development, sampling

Region: London

Website: www.edenstudiolondon.com/

Email: info@edenstudiolondon.com

Eden Studio

Environmental Justice Foundation

Brief: EJF empowers those people who suffer most from environmental abuses to find peaceful ways of preventing them. Our organisation is all about helping people to help themselves. Working with grassroots organisations in some of the world’s poorest countries, EJF cuts through political and commercial agendas to reach those people who so often lack a voice for their concerns.

EJF’s retail project raises awareness of the environmental and human rights issues within the cotton industry. We work with well-known designers to raise money for our campaigning work through the sale of our organic and ethical, T-shirts.

Ethics: Running a ‘pick your cotton carefully’ campaign, which looks at where the cotton they buy comes from, and the conditions of workers in those places.

Products: Menswear, Womenswear

Region: UK/International

Website: www.ejfoundation.org

Email: joey.abbiss-stubbs@ejfoundation.org

Environmental Justice Foundation

Epoche Times

Brief: A truly independent, global news organisation. World renowned for responsible, ethical, unbiased and uncensored journalism, the Epoch Times are the broadsheet with a difference.

Website: www.theepochtimes.com

Email: robert.gray@epochtimes.co.uk

Epoche Times

Fairly Covered

Brief: Fairly Covered is dedicated to the supply of Fair Trade, quality, organic, and desirable bedding. Fair Trade is a trading partnership based on dialogue, transparency, and respect, which seeks greater equality in international trade. It contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to, and securing the rights of marginalized producers and workers.

Ethics: Working with small scale artisans for contemporary interior textiles and aims to minimise the use of bleach, using only environmentally friendly methods when necessary. All products are shipped by sea to reduce air miles.

Products: Bedding, Bogalan, Curtains, Throw

Region: UK/Bangladesh/Africa

Website: www.fairlycovered.com

Email: Christine@fairlycovered.com

Fairly Covered

Green Lens Studio

Brief: Green Lens Studios is a photographic studio, project space and art gallery, providing clients with energy efficient facilities for photo shoots and art projects. GLS also organise exhibitions and workshops to encourage creative sustainability.

Ethics: Aim to operate in an environmentally responsible manner

Products: Photo shoots and art projects

Region: London

Website: http://greenlenstudios.com

Email: info@greenlenstudios.com

Green Lens Studio

Greenhouse Graphics

Brief: Technology led, British sustainable graphic communication company that offers design, print, web and marketing services operated in an environmentally responsible manner.

Website: www.greenhousegraphics.co.uk

Greenhouse Graphics

Himalaya Tailoring Centre

Brief: The Himalaya Tailoring Centre is a fair trade certified design and production workshop producing the highest possible quality garments for a competitive market, while maintaining good working conditions and fair pay for Tibetan refugees and local Indians.

Ethics: The Himalaya Tailoring Centre provides training, fair wage and employment stability as well as a factory waste recycling scheme.

Products: Babywear, bags and childrenswear

Region: Dharamsala, North India.

Website: www.eternalcreation.com

Email: shop@eternalcreation.com"

Himalaya Tailoring Centre


Brief: Inmakulate is a sustainable and ethical life style brand, a fusion of British and South American Craftsmanship. Some of the sustainable producers Inmakulate is working with are represented at the Expo, showing certified organic and fair trade cotton fabrics from Peru and recycled cotton fabrics from Brazil.

Since 2005 Inmakulate has been working to create awareness about the ethics and other sustainability issues around fashion design.

Ethics: Organic and fair trade textiles and products. Engaged in community projects.

Products: Accessories, Knitwear, Womenswear

Region: UK / Latin America

Websites: www.inmakulate.com

Email: info@inmakulate.com


Jacobs Well

Brief: Jacobs Well is a brand owned by the Charity Oasis offering high quality production and consultancy services and a small range of own-branded products. The most established of its units is in Bangalore, India, which is a member of the WFTO. Fledgling production units are also developing in Uganda and other countries where Oasis is working. Jacobs Well employs women from local slum communities who have graduated from the Oasis tailoring training program alongside other skilled workers.

Ethics: Community empowerment through training and employment

Standards: WFTO, Fair Trade Forum

Products(own brand and for external clients): Women’s accessories and clothing, children’s clothing, wedding dresses, homewares

Services: Production and Consultancy Service

Region: India and Uganda

Website: http://www.jacobswell.biz

Email: ruth.cox@jacobswell.biz

Jacobs Well


Brief: KOKKU is an ethical trader fully committed to providing a platform to promote the world’s undiscovered master artisans, and extinct arts & crafts. The KOKKU brand is synonymous with elegance, sophistication and the “mystic”. KOKKU has fittingly chosen to focus its very first series of collections on jewellery originating from Sardinia, promoting the finest hand-crafted filigree, a gradually dying trade, to the UK market for the very first time. With a keen eye for the exquisite, we select only the highest-quality gold and silver filigree rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and charms.

Ethics: KOKKU was born with the vision to preserve traditional craftsmanship methods by creating an incentive for artisans to transmit their skills to future generations.

Products: Jewellery

Region: Italy

Website: http://www.kokku.co.uk/

E-mail: andrea@kokku.co.uk


Lili Design

Brief: Lili Design creates BioBijoux™, a collection of bioplastic jewellery, cooked with food ingredients. Every piece is unique, bendable and skin-friendly.
“Food to wear” is a new concept which offers the perfect solution for ladies with sensitive skin, as it is 100% natural and biodegradable.
BioBijoux™ offers a range of jewellery, kits to cook your own jewellery and sets of colourful bioplastics ready to be shaped.

Ethics: Bio jewellery based on natural ingredients such as corn flour, potato or tapioca, is 100% bio-degradable, organic and skin friendly.

Products: Jewellery, Accessories

Region: UK

Website: www.lili-design.com

E-mail: contact@lili-design.com

Lili Design

Mantis World

Brief: Mantis World is an ethical clothing manufacturer that offers a range of high quality, fashionable adult, kids and baby garments along with a 100% GOTS certified Organic Cotton range. They work with manufacturing partners in Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Turkey. The Special Production service produces bespoke garments for customers. All factories are audited against social standards such as BSCI and all the fabrics used are Oeko-Tex certified ensuring no harmful dyes or substances are used at any stage of production.

Ethics: Progressive environmental practices, and improving social standards

Standards: GOTS (Control Union), BSCI, Oeko Tex 100 (Babywear Class 1)

Products: Adult, children and baby clothing, bespoke garments

Region: UK/Europe/International

Website: http://mantisworld.com/

Email: info@mantisworld.com

Mantis World

Marling & Evans Ltd

Brief: Marling & Evans produce a range of undyed, naturally-coloured woollen cloth in different weights, and in a wide variety of checks, stripes, herringbones, and plains. All the cloth is woven in the company’s own mill from British sheep fleece, and is finished with soap rather than synthetic detergents.

Ethics: Marling & Evans use natural and sustainable materials, and finishes (reducing carbon footprint), and help revitalise the British cloth manufacturing heritage.

Products: Woollen cloth for garment and interior use

Region: UK

Email: sales@marlingandevans.co.uk

Marling & Evans Ltd


Brief: Mayamiko has created a production unit in Malawi where disadvantaged women are trained in sewing and CMT, fabrics and materials are locally sourced. Mayamiko is also working to establish sustainable sewing and knitting training schools in the area.

Ethics: Supporting the local community through training and employment

Standards: Train to TEVETA standards

Products: African-made fashion

Region: Malawi

Website: http://mayamiko.org

Email: info@mayamiko.org


Mehera Shaw Textiles

Brief: Mehera Shaw is a fair trade full-production service founded in 2007 in Jaipur, India. They specialize in high-end
garment production for the womenʼs and childrenʼs markets. Wovens in natural fibers and
certified organic cotton are used and stitching techniques include pleating, pintucking, quilting. Mehera Shaw
also specialize in hand block and screen printing and offer pattern making, grading, sampling,
fabric sourcing, small-batch production and export shipping.

Ethics: A member of the Fair Trade Federation, Mehera Shaw use or natural and organic fabrics and are working with traditional printing techniques

Region: USA /India

Website: www.meherashaw.com

E-mail: info@meherashaw.com

Mehera Shaw Textiles

Norman Hangers

Brief: Elegant, strong, sustainable clothes hangers offering a new communication medium. Made from 100% recycled board, they are also 100% recyclable with normal paper and cardboard, offering a complete closed loop / cradle to cradle solution. Colour printing on the full face of the hanger makes it a fresh differentiation medium where the print style can follow the brand identity, and information can be communicated at point-of-sale. For sustainable garments it also helps to increase brand-honesty as customers make the obvious environmental link.

Ethics: Norman Hangers (by Initiate Design) uses only 100% recycled paper in the manufacturing of hangers.

Products: Interior

Region: UK

Website: www.normanhangers.com

Email: pieter@initiatedesign.eu

Norman Hangers

NV London Calcutta

Brief: NV London Calcutta is an ethical accessories production company dedicated to producing luxurious, handmade bags and accessories for men and women in sumptuous natural materials such as butter soft leathers and hand spun silks; produced in Calcutta, West Bengal.

Ethics: Supporting, empowering and championing marginalised producer groups.

Products: Accessories, Bags, Scarves

Region: UK/India/International

Website: www.nvlondoncalcutta.com

Email: nv@nvlondoncalcutta.com

NV London Calcutta

Offset Warehouse

Brief: Offset Warehouse – an online platform for everything needed to create ethical clothing and interiors.
We offer the largest variety of retail to wholesale ethical fabrics online, a boutique, an ethical business directory and research resources.

Products: Fabrics, haberdashery, boutiques, business directory, research resources

Region: UK

Website: http://www.offsetwarehouse.com

Email: info@offsetwarehouse.com

Offset Warehouse

Panchachuli UK

Brief: Panchachuli launched in 2009 to support Panchachuli Women Weavers Co-operative from Northern India. The co-operative is managed by the women themselves who work at processing the raw materials, then dye, handspin, weave/knit, and embroider to create fabrics and accessories.

Ethics: Supporting co-operatives, local and natural fibres, use vegetable or ISO free dyes

Products: Fabrics from wool, Himalayan nettle, peace silk, and accessories

Region: India

Website: http://www.panchachuli.co.uk/

Email: mary@panchachuli.co.uk

Panchachuli UK

Sawang Boran

Brief: Sawang Boran – these words translate as ‘ancient sheen’, something of the mysterious play of all-natural dyes in silk crafted authentically, the traditional way. This social-cultural enterprise is centred in a village in the ethnically Lao northeast of Thailand. It does only silk, raises only indigenous silkworm varieties, uses only natural dyes, and nurtures each weaver’s individual creativity and excellence rooted in nature’s and women’s collective memory. Sawang Boran offerings are varied, distinctive, often one-of-a-kind, and always authentic.

Ethics: The artisans developed the Sawang Boran organic and fair trade Standard for artisanal silk – a stringent, pioneering standard that they are proud to uphold. Organic and ethical silk-making is a win-win activity, good for the producer, for the customer, for human health, for the ecosystem, for the local culture. Working against a seemingly inescapable extinction of the tradition, Sawang Boran is successfully attracting younger women back to the looms, and into roles of leadership in the company.

Products: Silk Textiles, scarves, sarongs, garments

Region: North East Thailand

Website: www.sawangboran.com

Email: info@sawangboran.com

Sawang Boran


Brief: Sedex is a not for profit organization dedicated to driving improvements in responsible and ethical business practices in global supply chains.

Ethics: Empowering sustainable and ethical supply chains.

Products: A secure online database which allows members to store, share and report on information regarding labour and environmental practices.

Region: International

Website: www.sedexglobal.com

Email: helpdesk@sedexglobal.com


Soil Association

Brief: The Soil Association promotes and certifies organic cotton, wool & more. Organic textiles are more environmentally friendly, promotes human and animal welfare and are free of harmful chemicals. Working in Organic Textiles for over 10years, Soil Association are a leading member of GOTS.

Ethics: Support the industry in sourcing Organic textiles to increase its use

Products: Labelling, and Certification

Region: Global

Website: www.soilassociation.org

Email: gthomas@soilassociation.org

Soil Association


Brief: Source4Style is the first online B2B marketplace connecting designers to a curated network of sustainable suppliers around the globe. The platform offers an online e-commerce sourcing solution, content and trends portal, and a discovery tool uncovering an expertly-merchandised selection of sustainable materials from around the globe.

Ethics: Promoting sustainable suppliers. Source4Style collects, verifies and communicates social and environmental attributes of a material. Suppliers must offer materials that fulfill one of four main target areas: Recycled or Reclaimed, Environmentally-preferable, Fair Trade/Socially Compliant, and Preservation of Craft.

Products: Artisanal/Craft, Knitwear, Textiles

Region: USA/International

Website: www.source4style.com

Email: sro@source4style.com



Brief: SPINNA – The Women’s International Textile Alliance is a unique foundation whose goal is to foster the economic empowerment of women in textiles and fashion through linking buyers and sellers and by building productive capacities. The Circle is SPINNA’s membership and mentoring platform connecting women owned businesses globally with buyers and fashion professionals.

Ethics: Offering mentoring and business opportunities for women entrepreneurs in the textile and fashion industry to help them move up the value chain.

Products: Accessories, Babywear, Textile, Womenswear, Knitwear

Region: Netherlands/International

Website: www.spinna.org

Email: info@spinna.org



Brief: ‘Suchi is producing 100% bamboo clothing & bed linen as well as jewellery with recycled metal pendants. Suchi’s production is based in Indonesia where a range of sustainable development programs train & employ impoverished mothers from slum communities whilst providing free childcare and education to their children.
50% of all proceeds are directed to Suchi’s sister organisation, The Sacred Childhoods Foundation.

Products: jewellery, caftans, scarves, bed linen

Location: Indonesia

Website: http://www.sacredchildhoods.org/

E-mail: info@sacredchildhoods.org


Tammachat Natural Textiles

Brief: Tammachat Natural Textiles offers fairly traded, eco-friendly fashion accessories, home décor, clothing and fabric created by artisans in rural Thailand and Laos. Blending contemporary styling with traditional skills, each piece is exquisitely handwoven in limited editions and coloured with sustainably produced, local natural dyes, or certified low-impact dyes from the EU. Signature products are organic silk scarves and organic silk fabric; both can also be custom ordered.

Ethics: Employing women based communities to produce fairly traded and environmentally friendly products for North America and Europe. And for every piece purchased, Tammachat provide a child in Laos with their first book through Big Brother Mouse (www.bigbrothermouse.com), a Lao-owned, pioneering publishing venture that makes literacy fun.

Products: Accessories, home décor, fabric.

Region: Canada/Thailand

Website: http://www.tammachat.com/

Email: ask@tammachat.com

Tammachat Natural Textiles

Textile Exchange

Brief: Textile Exchange (TE) is an international, member-supported 501©3 organization established in 2003. TE sponsor the ongoing growth and education of the market on Organic, bringing together brands & retailers with key stakeholders such as farmers to develop new business models and tools.

Ethics: Supporting the growth and education of Organic

Products: Organic business models, Organic

Region: Global

Website: http://www.textileexchange.org/

Email: info@textileexchange.org

Textile Exchange


Brief: Lisa Hawthorn and Josie Bineham have been awarded the 2011 INNOVATION award for fashion textiles design and production, which awards excellence in textile design coupled with sustainability.

Website: www.josiebineham.co.uk

Website: www.thebigfatpeacock.com


The Natural Fibre Company

Brief: The Natural Fibre Company provides a spinning service for British, rare and regional sheep fleece, together with mohair and alpaca. The mill is a full service provider, taking raw fleece through to finished knitting and weaving yarns and can also provide organic spinning and dyeing.

Standards: Soil Association

Products: Knitting yarns, textiles and gifts

Region: Cornwall, UK

Website: www.thenaturalfibre.co.uk

Email: info@thenaturalfibrecompany.co.uk

The Natural Fibre Company

Trading for Development

Brief: Trading for Development shows that ethical business practices and high quality fashion products can coexist in ways that bring development to poor communities. We do this through enhancing traditional skills of producers, building links with leading fashion houses and universities in Europe and marketing Fair trade products worldwide.

Ethics: Trading for Development only works with certified producer members of the World Fair Trade Organisation, WFTO. tfd founder, Judith Condor-Vidal, is an associate member.

Products: Women’s Knitwear and jewellery

Website: http://www.tradingfordevelopment.co.uk/

E-mail: judith@tradingfordevelopment.co.uk

Trading for Development

Turtle Bags

Brief: Turtle bags work with fair trade organizations around the world to source goods made from natural, sustainable and recycled materials. Their key aim is to raise awareness of the hazards of plastic bags and provide alternatives. Turtle bags have worked with Selfridges and Marks and Spencers in campaigns to raise awareness of marine plastics issues.

Ethics: Turtle bags strive to work sustainability and women’s empowerment into the production of their bags as well as campaign about the environmental hazards of marine plastic pollution.

Products: Woven fabric bags

Region: UK

Website: http://www.turtlebags.co.uk/

Email: beth@turtlebags.co.uk

Turtle Bags

Veronika Persché

Brief: Veronika Persché creates extraordinary designer fabrics with the help of computer-driven knitting machines, also using include organic and eco-friendly fibres, some GOTS certified, others produced in local cottage farms using traditional skills

Ethics: use of organic and eco-friendly fibres, re-use and recycle of waste, supporting traditional skills and techniques

Products: individual design solutions, fabric swatches, knitted fabric preview, graphic simulation as picture file
consulting for style and pattern design, organisation of production and yarn purchasing, 3-D effect experimental jacquard

Region: Austria

Website: http://www.persche.com/

E-mail: v_persche@yahoo.com

Veronika Persché

Wild Earth Cotton

Brief: Wild Earth Cotton by Hermes Otto International is a collection of mid to premium market Ladies and Men’s casual fashion designed to reflect the ethos and fashion influence of the sustainable CMiA cotton at its heart. The Wild Earth Cotton collection will evolve to include other better cotton products including recycled, organic and Fairtrade. The first collection will be available in store in the UK and Germany during autumn 2012.

Ethics: Since 2005 CMiA has directly benefited thousands of African Cotton farmers through fair trade practices. The CMiA program has succeeded in improving yields and encouraging best practice regarding use of pesticides and sustainable production methods.

Standards: BSCI certified

Products: Womeswear, Menswear and sustainable packaging

Region: Leeds, UK and Africa

Website: www.cotton-made-in-africa.com

Email: derek@dblimited.com

Wild Earth Cotton

World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO)

The WFTO (formerly IFAT) has driven the fair trade movement for 20 years. It is the only global network whose members represent the Fair Trade chain from production to sale. WFTO members must demonstrate a 100% Fair Trade commitment and apply its 10 Principles of Fair Trade. WFTO members who are monitored against these Principles are listed in the FT100 index of world-leading Fair Trade brands, businesses and organisations.

Invitations to exhibit have been extended to WFTO members. WFTO will be available to answer visitor’s questions from their stand.

Region: Global

Website: www.wfto.com

World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO)