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Registration has now closed, as the SOURCE Expo 2011 has now finished. Please keep an eye out for the event in October 2012.

Not based in the UK/ Can’t represent your company at this event? Take advantage of representation by our sourcing agents

“The Expo has been an excellent opportunity for Sawang Boran: the few silks I sent (just 6 samples) did some of the talking quite persuasively. The interest and questions they generated (faithfully and articulately passed on to me by the EFF’s representative) gave me a sense that there is a future for traditional silk artisans’ skills. I was amazed to receive, within days, a UK designer’s request for a first order of our silk… even without my being there to give all the information I normally provide!” Rosanne Trottier, Sawang Boran, Represented at SOURCE Expo 2010

We know it can be costly and difficult for suppliers, particularly smaller and fairtrade organisations to travel to the UK to represent your organisation if you do not have a UK agent. Therefore this year we are running a SOURCING AGENT scheme.

As the number of suppliers that we can support in this way is limited, it is designed for suppliers which do not already have agents or representatives in the UK or are unable to travel to the UK to represent themselves.

SCROLL DOWN or DOWNLOAD PDF to left for full information including costs

EMAIL US if you are interested in being represented

Benefits of representation at the Ethical Fashion Source Expo include:

  • A profile on the SOURCE Expo directory on EFF’s website, which receives over 40,000 unique visitors every month
  • A listing on the SOURCE Expo hand-out, issued to all visitors
  • Unique exposure to our 12,000 strong industry network, including sourcing and production teams, buyers, designers, press and entrepreneurs, all dedicated to sustainable sourcing
  • Showcasing at this prestigious event based in London
  • Contact details in advance of the show for exhibitors wishing to arrange meetings with key visitors (This applies to visitors who agree to share their contact details)
  • Highly discounted price on an optional Promotional Package including profile in event brochure, dedicated mail-out to press and buyers and showcase on plasma screen at the event
  • A 12 month free listing on the SOURCE Directory, the world’s most comprehensive database of ethical fashion businesses and resources.

Requirements for participation: All exhibitors are required to comply with a set of ethical criteria in order to take part in this event. Please refer to
Exhibitor Mandate

A fully represented stand for your company only – you need to book your stand via Exhibitor Registration
Then book a dedicated representative at £195+ VAT (£234) per agent for the duration of the event

A fully represented stand to be shared by two companies only
Early Bird price, one of two companies: £295 + VAT (£354)

6 Samples/ brochures, pricing information etc from your company represented on a shared stand, this price includes the representative agent fee
Your samples would be presented on a shared stand. A maximum of 6 companies would be represented on shared standard stands.
Early bird prices, one of six companies on a shared stand: £120 +VAT (£144)

For further information on all these options please email sourceexpo@ethicalfashionforum.com

Follow up representation:
If you would like to engage your agent to follow up on queries in the UK, the cost for this service is £195+ VAT
per day – please email sourceexpo@ethicalfashionforum.com about this.

Bespoke options:
If you would like to consider other options such as sharing a stand with one or two other exhibitors , this is
possible. To find out more please contact sourceexpo@ethicalfashionforum.com

Representation at the Expo

Exhibitor Representation at the Ethical Fashion Source Expo

If your oganisation is not based in the UK or you can’t represent your company at this event, we have several options to offer your company representation.

The EFF works with a team of sourcing agents who will be able to offer a valuable representation service for your company.
This service includes liaising with you in advance of the event to understand the details of your products and services and who you are seeking to connect with at the event, representing you on the day, and recording all details of contacts who express interest on the day, and the nature of their interest. This information will be sent to you after the event. There is also an option for agents to follow up contacts for you in the UK, based on a competitive daily rate fee.

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Source Expo Representation Information (pdf)