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Fashion imagery is glamorous and enticing and is used as a means to grab attention by almost every form of media and advertising.

Celebrities and top models have aligned themselves with ethical fashion, increasing its media appeal.

As a result, unlike sustainability in other industries, sustainable fashion has received frequent coverage in recent years on television, mainstream media and almost every fashion glossy in the UK.

This appeal in itself has created an opportunity for fashion to become a medium for awareness raising amongst consumers. It also makes it easier to raise awareness in the industry overall and encourage collaboration towards sustainability.

Many fashion brands have developed marketing models which maximise coverage of sustainability issues , and used the appeal of their products and imagery to raise awareness about a raft of critical issues, and changed consumer perceptions and behaviour as a result.

Lily Cole wearing Katharine Hamnett T-shirt
Naomi Campbell wearing Katharine Hamnett

Fashion & awareness

The fashion industry stands out from other industries in its universal and media appeal.
There are millions of followers of fashion, and clothing is relevant to everyone.

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