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Find out how to make the most of the SOURCE Database

You can find exactly what you’re looking for in seconds – from specific products, to companies based in specific countries to suppliers or brands that meet specific ethical criteria and/or certification.

Searchable under product, ethics, country and keyword.

Depending on who you are, there is something for everyone on the SOURCE database.

Who are you?


The Database offers the simplest online solution for consumers looking for ethical fashion products of all types. Consumers can find individual designers and brands, shops stocking these brands, and what is happening on the High St through the Database.

Buyers and press

The Database offers the key information needed for buyers of ethical fashion products, and press looking to promote ethical fashion products, to find exactly what they need quickly and easily, set out in a way that meets their needs.

Fashion designers and brands

The Database allows fashion designers and brands to effectively promote what they do to the EFF’s professional network of buyers and press as well as consumers. All profiles include a BUY NOW link, linking to brands’ stockists. In addition the EFF selects from brands listed on the Database every week to profile in SOURCE Intelligence, the Database’s sister site and the leading port of call for fashion professionals seeking updates on the sector. The EFF includes new businesses listed in the directory in the its BUSINESS BULLETIN issued to professionals and buyers all over the world every month.

Fashion designers and brands can also make use of the SOURCING directory to easily find the suppliers they need to produce their products or expand their range, the PRESS and BUYERS directories to make the connections they need and the SHOPS and HIGH ST RETAILER directories to research possible stockists for their brands.

Multibrand shops

The directory offers a showcase for shops selling multiple ethical fashion brands, both physical and online, all over the world.

High St retailers

The High St Retailers directory lists the range of initiatives which are offered by large High St retailers around the world, from ethical brands stocked to organic or fair trade own label ranges and progressive policies introduced. The High St Retailer directory is designed not only to make consumers aware of the commitments made by different High St retailers, but also to share best practice in the corporate sector.

Suppliers (Including fabrics and components suppliers and manufacturers)

The Sourcing directory creates a platform for suppliers and manufacturers from all over the world that are changing lives for the communities behind their products and reducing impact on the environment. The Sourcing directory is designed to promote large suppliers and factories with exemplary practices, small fair trade cooperatives supporting vulnerable communities, and everyone in between. The detailed search facility allows directory users to find exactly what they need in seconds. All suppliers listed are reviewed against the EFF’s listed members mandate.

The EFF works alongside partners including the Fairtrade Foundation, World Fair Trade Organisation, Textile Exchange and MADE-BY in order to increase the opportunities for suppliers and producers from all over the world are able to promote what they do and connect to market through the SOURCE Database.

The EFF also runs the SOURCE EXPO showcasing ethical suppliers and connecting them directly with fashion professionals.


The Database offers the opportunity for professionals of all types to promote their skills to the ethical fashion community – from consultants to experts to designers and service providers. This makes it easy for businesses of all types to find the support and expertise they need to achieve their goals.

The EFF works alongside its sister company the SOURCE Consultancy and Consultants pool to ensure that leading professionals and experts are profiled on this directory.


The Database offers an easy to use resource for researchers into the rapidly growing ethical fashion movement.


The Database offers a comprehensive database for students to inform their work. In addition it includes a college and training directory setting out the opportunities for individuals looking for training of all types around fashion, ethics and sustainabilty

Colleges and Training bodies

The Database offers the opportunity for colleges and training bodies to promote training around fashion and ethics to a dedicated community of thousands of potential students.

NGOs and certifiers

The Database includes a platform for NGOs and certifiers making it easy for users to understand the options available in relation to certification and membership bodies and the meaning of different certifications and labels.

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