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“Wonderful, enticing and fantastically exhausting! (in a great way!)” Zoe Powell, Textile Designer

“We spoke to many people on the real feasibility of manufacturing good quality sustainable clothing in Africa. The number of people who were surprised and impressed by our set up was an eye opener – from big heavyweights like Topman to researchers, NGOs and start ups. We’ve already taken orders on our stock range, working on quotes for special production and have made some fantastic connections for long term partnerships” Prama Bhardwaj , Mantis World, Ethical Manufacturer in Tanzania

“We were overwhelmed by the response we received ….we had a constant flow of people visiting and interested in us….from representatives of big names like Vivienne Westwood and Monsoon to  smaller brands from all over the world- from Germany and Sweden to the United States and Uruguay” Pieter Theron, Norman Sustainable Hangers

“There was a friendly but focused air about the Expo that made the event work well both for us as exhibitors and for our customers….we will definitely be back” Richard Martin, Director, Marling and Evans, Made in the UK

“Source Expo was an excellent event that Ada Zanditon was delighted to participate in – it was a great showcase for the brand – excellent contacts were made with both boutiques and press” Ada Zanditon ( Exhibiting at the Designer Pavilion at the EXPO)


“A great forum for connecting …we have shared expertise, received contacts and are doing business as a result” Prama Bhardwaj, Managing Director, Mantis World. Ethical Manufacturer in Tanzania


“VOGUE.COM is committed to supporting the INNOVATION project and its goals and the team is proud to be involved” Dolly Jones , Editor,Vogue.com

“Some of the most talented design graduates are now considering people and the environment when they create their collections. This competition encourages more designers to follow suit” Erin O Connor, Supermodel

“This has been an amazing projection of progress, Pure has opened up a whole world of buyers I would never have met otherwise” Mia Nisbet, INNOVATION winner :Recycling and changing lives in Malawi
“The opportunity that the competition provides is an amazing advantage in terms of business growth by providing free trade marketing for the next season…” Olivia Kennaway, Lalesso, INNOVATION winner: supporting slum communities in Kenya


“I found this event inspirational – it was both motivational and informative” Feedback from Spotlight on Sourcing seminar participant, London

“Amazing and very inspiring day extremely informative… Loved the whole day. It was perfect for the stage we are at in the business. I’m sure it has stopped us from making big mistakes.” Lisa McAcinden, Isla London (Excellence in Ethical Fashion Training Participant)

“The advice offered is relevant for now and also for future decisions as our business. We’ve picked up some amazing top tips. Thank you experts!” Katy Argyrides, Isla London (Excellence in Ethical Fashion Training Participant)