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Tamsin Lejeune

Managing Director and Founder

Tamsin has led the development and growth of the Ethical Fashion Forum, and the launch of SOURCE, from the first meeting around a table in 2004 to an international network of thousands of industry professionals.

Tamsin has worked with hundreds of fashion entrepreneurs and businesses, from start up to established, helping them to integrate sustainability with commercial business goals, and speaks and delivers training all over the world.

Prior to founding the Ethical Fashion Forum, Tamsin launched and managed fashion label juste, developing a pioneering fair trade supply chain for designer womenswear in Bangladesh, and co-ordinated the launch of Fashioning an Ethical Industry, which has integrated sustainability into fashion college curricula across the UK.

Tamsin holds a masters in International Development with a focus upon fashion and fair trade, has professional experience in international development across three continents, is the author of “Can Fashion be Fair?” published in 2004, and is trained in fashion design and fashion business management. Tamsin was previously a fully qualified architect, graduating with distinction and winning several awards in this field, prior to focusing on the fashion sector.

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Tamsin Lejeune

Clare Lissaman

Director, SOURCE Consultancy

Clare is one of the UK’s foremost experts when it comes to ethical sourcing and supply chains. A trained social and environmental auditor, she has a breadth of knowledge and experience in the challenges of building up sustainable supply chains and the ins and outs of standards and certification.

Clare has worked closely with many of the worlds leading fashion retailers as well as smaller businesses in relation to supply chain strategy -and delivered training all over the world. She is an inspiring speaker and expert facilitator.

Alongside this, Clare is Co Founder of award winning sustainable menswear brand Arthur and Henry, and is on the Steering Group of the Decent Work and Labour Standards Forum.

Clare has particular expertise in sourcing from Asia and is fluent in Chinese, which she read at Oxford.

Follow her on Twitter @clarelissaman.

Clare Lissaman

Qiulae Wong

Head of Marketing

Qiulae is Head of Marketing at the Ethical Fashion Forum, the industry body for sustainable fashion. With a background in brand and marketing for social campaigns, Qiulae is passionate about changing the image of sustainability in the fashion industry.

At the Ethical Fashion Forum, Qiulae is responsible for supporting and promoting the work of its members – fashion businesses from brands to suppliers – who are working ethically and sustainably in various ways. She also works with partners and other industry bodies to further the mission of creating a better fashion industry that has positive effects on the environment and communities around the world.

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Qiulae Wong

Hilary Marsh

Executive and Member Support Officer

Hilary oversees the day to day management of the office, finance, and member queries at the Ethical Fashion Forum. She joined us after a stint with the UN HeForShe campaign in New York where she was part of the team bringing this effective cause-marketing initiative to fruition. She has also done internships at the Rt Hon David Lammy MP’s office in the House of Commons and at Developed Africa, an international development consultancy firm. Hilary is passionate about dynamic impact-led campaigns, particularly for the fashion industry.

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Hilary Marsh