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£5: Ethical Fashion at the Heart of Fashion

£5 supports the Ethical Fashion Forum’s core work – including supplying fashion designers or businesses with a business support package, access to research, pattern cutting and sewing facilities and facilitate building partnerships to help them open doors and change lives for the producer communities behind their work.

Image: Rani Jones, pioneering cutting edge design with eco and sustainable fabrics.

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£10: Open Doors to Market

For £10 we can set up a profile for a fair trade, community or cooperative supplier in the developing world on the Ethical Fashion Network. This allows direct connections to buyers as well as helping designers to source in a way that supports these communities.

Image: Design by Julia Smith, a winner of the Design4Life Ghana competition, that was developed and sold through Topshop working in partnership with Global Mamas, a womens cooperative in Ghana. Wages for Ghanaian women working on the project increased dramatically.

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£25: Promotion for Producers in the Developing World

For £25, we can give a producer in the developing world induction training in promoting their work through the Ethical Fashion Network and brokering links that will help them sell their products.

Image: An artisan from a fair trade weavers village in Bangladesh weaving exquisite jamdani fabric. This work means villagers are not forced to move the the city and the slums to earn a living and preserves traditional skills.

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£50: Engage a Business

For many businesses, engagement with the Ethical Fashion Forum is the first step towards sustainability, and opens doors for better practices affecting hundreds of people behind their products. For £50 members of our advisory team can engage with a business, offering them access to a range of resources and feedback and advice on sustainable practices.

Image: Maasai woman in Kenya, part of a womens group that has been able to put 412 children through school thanks to sales of their beadwork products and international links to markets.

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£250: Support a Fashion Pioneer

The Ethical Fashion Forum has built partnerships with trade shows all over the world, allowing us to showcase the best of ethical fashion design at international fashion week exhibitions in London, Paris, Milan, and New York.
£250 goes towards one outstanding ethical designer to be showcased and promoted at an international fashion week exhibition.

Image: MIA secured 16 orders at Pure London through EFF showcasing. These orders taken meant MIA provided jobs for 3 new tailors in Malawi earning 8 times the monthly average.

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£500: Become a Friend of EFF

A gift to the EFF of £500 or above represents a very important contribution to the work of the EFF, supporting a widescale shift towards sustainability in the fashion sector. As a Friend of the EFF you will be listed in our annual report and receive an invitation to an annual Friends of the EFF event and get VIP access to other EFF events.

Image: Summer Rayne Oakes: model and ambassador for Ethical Fashion.

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Donate a Big Gift

Big gifts make a big difference. Your involvement can and does transform the lives of the people you support.
Big gifts enable Ethical Fashion Forum to help reduce poverty through building sustainable trade relationships for communities and businesses in the ethical fashion and textile sector.
We work on a wide range of issues, so if there is a particular area of work that you would like to support, we can find a project to suit you.

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Image: Children in a Kenyan slum, where several fashion initiatives are changing lives

Donate to support our work or buy a gift that gives twice.

From as little as £5, you can make a difference through supporting our work, or give a fashion gift that will change lives

Choose a donation option from the list on the right – you can choose to support various aspects of the EFF’s work: from promotion of producers in the developing world to supporting a cutting edge designer or becoming a VIP Friend of the Ethical Fashion Forum.

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