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The Ethical Fashion Network has now reached over 3600 members from 100 countries we wanted to find a way to strengthen the relationships that have been made through the network, encourage the growth of the ethical fashion communities and inspire new friendships and collaborations around the world.

The spirit of EFF’s new year was to re-evaluate all our endeavours; 2010 is the year for opening doors to market that will change lives and the first part of our focus has centred around our socials. EFF want to increase our impact by structuring every part of our business to increase involvement with our members.

On the last Thursday of every month we would like the members of the network to get together and meet network members in their region to network, make professional and social connections, share ideas around the monthly theme. You can meet anywhere; in a bar, in a coffee shop, in a pub, in a village hall or be more ambitious and partner with yuor local ethical organisation or shop for an appropriate venue for the event.

Past meetings have taken place in:

East- London, UK

Kendal, Cumbria, UK

Brighton, UK

Milan, Italy

New Dehli, India

Nairobi, Kenya

More meetings are coming soon in areas including:

*Bristol, UK
New York, USA
Colorado, USA*

Keep an eye on this page for more details.

Would you like to host an Ethical Fashion Social in your area or have you organised a Social and need it advertised? Email for more information.


The EFF’s Ethical Fashion Socials are monthly meetings with Ethical Fashion Network members. Find out where your nearest Social is taking place here or on the Ethical fashion Network