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BBC Slink: Finding the Face of Conscious Style 2007

This project was designed to raise awareness of the sustainability issues behind fashion – through a new kind of modelling competition targeting young people.

The “Face of Conscious Style” competition was designed to reward more than just looks- with the winners becoming spokespeople for the ethical fashion movement and representing this on behalf of the EFF at London Fashion Week and subsequent events.

Within three weeks of the competition launch over 1000 entries were received from teenage girls all around the UK. The competition was an effective medium to encourage awareness and involvement with sustainability issues, amongst a group of young people who may otherwise be difficult to engage.

As one of fashions most important consumer groups and representatives for a future generation of fashion designers and professionals, the teenage market has an important part to play in the support and promotion of sustainable practices in fashion.


BBC Slink

The EFC was appointed to contribute at a strategic level to BBC Slinks “Face of Conscious Style” competition, designed to reward more than just looks. Over 1000 entries were received from around the UK.

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