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26 July 2011


The United Nations trade and development agency has set up three new partnerships with the fashion industry in the UK, Spain and the Netherlands in a bid to encourage designers to use recycled or natural materials.

In its first initiative, the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has jointly created an award category within the Fashioning the Future Awards campaign based at the Centre for Sustainable Fashion of the London College of Fashion. The ‘Unique Balance’ category seeks to motivate fashion students to pursue environmentally sustainable designs.

UNCTAD is also collaborating with the Coknit Connect research project at the European Institute of Design Madrid, which is working with clothing companies such as Zara and Mango to create fashions made from recovered and/or recycled clothing and fabrics.

And finally, the organisation has launched a partnership with The Green Fashion Competition of Amsterdam International Fashion Week, where it will lend its support to finding and funding fashion businesses that sustain biodiversity.

The body believes the fashion industry can play a significant role in conserving biodiversity through its extensive use of raw materials derived from biodiversity, such as natural fabrics and animal skins. Read Article

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