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Ethical Trend

Main Contact
Lucilla Magherini Heusch
Tel: (+39) 3358012025

Key products/services

Luxury accessories – pure 100% cashmere and fine wool.


“Ethicaltrend -luxury with a soul” is a brand that belongs to LMH srl founded by Lucilla Magherini Heusch in 2013. The brand was created with the specific purpose of producing luxury accessories, mainly in cashmere but also in baby alpaca and merino.

Products are made in Nepal, India and Mongolia. Shawls and blankets/throws are imported, then restyled and embroidered in Italy in an old embroidery manufacturer in Florence. There is also a more classical collection with no embroidery.

The quality of the products is very high: cashmere fibers comes from Inner Mongolia and have the best specification in terms of diameter and length whilst most of the products are hand-loomed.

None of the products’ composition is blended nor are fibers mixed with other type unless specified clearly resulting in cashmere products which are pure 100% cashmere fiber only. The same process is used for the wool materials

Ethicaltrend is a synthesis of ancient artisan’s ability from country with an old tradition of hand-looming and Italian design.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

Ethicaltrend carefully selects manufacturers that offer programmes of support for local communities, especially with respect to access to health care services. In addition LMH srl is in partnership with Oxfam International via Oxfam Italy by providing financial support to Oxfam programmes designated for poverty alleviation.

The founder of LMH has an extensive experience working in low income countries as a Medical Doctor and has created LMH and its brands having in mind since the beginning to add an ethical focus to the entire production of her company.

Ethicaltrend aims to partner with some of the manufacturers they work with to help them enhance their environmental standards.


High end shops and Department stores.

Pricing information

Wholesale Price: €70 – €350 (EUR)

Retail Price: €350 – €1000 (EUR)

Products and services

Luxury shawls, throws and blankets.

Minimum order criteria

10 pieces per product per colour

Typical Product lead times

3 months

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