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Asociación de Toquilleras María Auxiliadora (ATMA) Logo

Asociación de Toquilleras María Auxiliadora (ATMA)

Main Contact
Nohemi Portilla
Tel: (593) 986878553

Key products/services

Toquilla straw hats and handicrafts.


ATMA is located in Sig Sig, a community famous for the creation of panama hats, hand crafted using ancient traditional skills.

The association of artisan women ‘María Auxiliadora’ is dedicated to the production and commercialisation of the Ecuadorian emblematic toquilla straw hats (panama hats) that are traded worldwide.

The product is 100 % handmade; the only raw material they use is toquilla straw. The skilled artisans achieve a fine product that has unique international quality.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

ATMA consists of 175 artisan women who hand weave the Ecuadorian hats.

This association believes in fair trade and applies these policies to create a solid economic standing. Through their work, these artisans generate income for their families.

The collection of the toquilla straw is made in a sustainable way, protecting the fields and preventing environmental pollution.

Contact Info

You can contact ATMA directly at [email protected]. However, please note the artisans only speak Spanish.

Please contact Felipe Yerovi if you do not speak Spanish.

Pricing information

$15.00 – $250.00

Products and services

Handmade Ecuadorian hats and handicrafts made from 100% toquilla straw.

Minimum order criteria

12 units

Maximum order criteria

1000 units

Typical Product lead times

10 to 45 days

Closest shipping ports

Ship worldwide through the national exportation program Exporta Fácil from Correos del Ecuador. Up to 4 days.