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Good Krama

Main Contact
Katia Nicolas
Tel: (65) 90267084

Key products/services

Inspired by Cambodia’s textile: the krama – GoodKrama provide trendy street styles that cater to younger demographics without sacrificing ethical values.


GoodKrama is an ethically conscious fashion label inspired by Cambodia’s most versatile textile: the krama.

“You mean karma right?”

Nope, the right word is krama.
The krama is a traditional silk or cotton scarf made of thousands of tiny squares of contrasting hues – of darkness and light – that reflect the tumultuous history of Cambodia. Used in hundreds of different ways by people of all socio-economic backgrounds, the krama materializes the balance between function and esthetics. No less than 60 krama uses are documented and wherever you go in Cambodia you will see them wrapped, knotted, slung casually over the shoulder or worn as elaborate turbans.


GoodKrama produces high quality, versatile and trans-seasonal pieces for both women and men. GoodKrama blends cultural tradition with innovation by mixing hand woven krama-inspired fabrics with modern designs. The brand makes clothes from three different types of materials: Cambodian hand woven silk or cotton krama style fabric; Upcycled materials from deadstock of local garment factories; New all natural fabrics that pack a sustainable punch.

GoodKrama is a small team of young passionate individuals based in Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh. The majority of Cambodian population is under thirty, leading to a massive amount of creative flows all around and GoodKrama is riding the wave along. GoodKrama is launching in the spring with the first limited edition capsule collection in collaboration with a local street artist, thus showcasing urban art on a new medium.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

GoodKrama likes to take it slow by valuing quality over quantity. By creating timeless pieces, they swim against the fast fashion current which reduces overall production waste.

There are over 500 garment factories in Cambodia, which leads to a massive amount of deadstock fabrics. Good Krama buys old, leftover, and over-ordered fabrics from local warehouses and reuse them to create new statement pieces.

They integrate biodegradable and recyclable materials in all aspects of their production line. From tags, to packaging and shipping materials, they opt for the greener solution.

The majority of production is done by Dorsu in the lovely town of Kampot, Cambodia. Dorsu’s mission statement is “clothing creating change”. The workshop provides fair employment, staff training and solely works with sustainably sourced fabrics. Dorsu is also committed to helping fund community education.

Then kramas are all hand woven in the Takeo province of Cambodia. Takeo is a rural area south of the capital Phnom Penh where most families have a traditional wooden weaving loom set under their porch. Good Krama work with Somnang, a bubbly woman who is an expert in creating kramas of various colors and designs.

In terms of environmental impact, their waste is a fraction of the industry standards as they continuously work towards a zero waste approach.


Young adults, both male and female, that are familiar with e-commerce and online purchasing.

Pricing information

Wholesale price: $30 – $90 (USD)

Retail price: $50 – $200 (USD)

Products and services

Good Krama is a fashion label that produces high quality, versatile and trans-seasonal pieces. We blend cultural tradition with innovation by mixing hand woven krama-inspired fabrics with our modern designs.

Minimum order criteria

40 (KHR)

Typical Product lead times

2 months

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