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Vintage Inspired Ethical Designs

Main Contact
Helen Minogue
Tel: (61) 403888202

Key products/services

Eco friendly vintage inspired contemporary fashion label.


Vintage Inspired Ethical Designs is a small fashion brand carried by its founder who decided to build its own fashion label upon two foundation stones:

- Comfortable and practicable clothes that remind women of the past, when fashion appeared to flatter a woman’s figure and used a combination of good tailoring and beautiful fabrics to create stylish clothes;

- Ethical and eco friendly products. Materials are sourced in India from home workers, in part to give them financial independence but secondly to keep traditional techniques of hand looming and the artistic skill of blockprinting alive.

Vintage Inspired Ethical Designs wants to create clothes that a woman enjoys wearing and due to the quality and style will continue to wear for years – not a fashion trend discarded at the end of the season.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

Vintage Inspired Ethical Designs supplies its materials from an eco friendly Indian company which is committed to social, cultural and environmental sustainability along all production processes: from the crops required for the raw material, through the weaving and dyeing process and where required, to the block printing for the patterned fabric.
These last 3 processes are all done by hand, which means that it is only when the fabrics arrive at the tailor that electricity is introduced to the process.

Vintage Inspired Ethical Designs was very keen to work with ‘home workers’ to empower these women and give them some financial independence.

Vintage Inspired Ethical Designs is still a young label, yet future priorities are:

- to invest in a carbon offset plan

- to help mitigate the freight of the clothes from India to Australia and the postage of items bought from my website.

Pricing information

Wholesale: $50 – $182 (USD)

Retail: $182 – $364 (USD)

Products and services


Typical Product lead times

4 months.

Closest shipping ports

For wholesale, shipping directly from India.