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AD&TM, 5/2
Subbiah Naidu Street, Vepery
Chennai 600007
Main Contact
Thasneem Masood
Tel: (91) 9884372439

Key products/services

Casual, chic sustainable women’s wear brand with eco-Friendly, Fair Trade sourcing and manufacturing practices.


Rossbelle knits beauty, sustainability and social responsibility into every piece of clothing and takes pride in it. The brand puts sustainability at the core of everything that they do, with the goal that they affect the environment in the least way possible. The brand sources sustainable and vintage fabrics while fusing better practices all through their supply chains to make excellent styles at a small amount of the environmental impact of conventional fashion. It is their central goal to lead and motivate a sustainable way to be stylish.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

ROSSBELLE focuses on the social and environmental aspects of their raw materials and their manufacturing process. They only work with fair trade communities, with small artisan workshops and sustainable enterprises.

Their pieces are made from sustainable materials, dead-stock fabrics, and repurposed vintage fabrics. As they develop, they will push harder to make more feasible fabric alternatives.

1. Eco fabrics – The majority of their clothes are made produced using environment-friendly practices by utilising handwoven and natural dyed organic cotton, linen and similar ones – which minimises energy utilisation and encourages ecological conservation. These fabrics are created by exceptionally talented artisans.

2. Vintage and Deadstock – About 40% of textiles are vintage or dead-stock. Rossbelle purchase old, remaining, and over-requested fabrics from different fashioners and fabric distribution centres. This permits us to reuse and occupy these materials from the landfill and into the wardrobe.

As a part of their CSR, Rossbelle holds the campaign called “Swap Your Clothes” every 3 months. Rossbelle not only seeks to highlight the efforts of sustainable fashion but also is committed to reducing textile waste produced by fast fashion.

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