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Samatoa Lotus Textiles

Road 63
Main Contact
Awen Delaval
Tel: (855) 12285930

Key products/services

Lotus fabrics


Samatoa is a social textile enterprise focusing on the value of sustainable development to create an alternative to the textile industry. Its unique lotus, silk, kapok and banana fabrics are becoming increasingly popular amongst international designers in ethical fashion and luxury industries.

Their innovative fabrics are 100% ecological, hand spun and woven, following traditional Cambodian methods giving them texture and unique properties.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

Samatoa uses the best socially responsible manufacturing techniques to create eco fabrics that support women’s empowerment in Cambodia, allowing them to provide jobs to 30 Cambodian women. Their fibers are also incredibly friendly to the environment. The extraction, spinning, and weaving of the lotus fiber consumes no polluting resources such as oil, electricity, or gas, and do no require any toxic chemicals. There is zero environmental impact in their process.

Samatoa Lotus Textiles believes that eco-fashion is defined not just by the use of natural fibers, but also by the use of fair-trade Cambodian labor in every step of a sustainable fashion supply chain.

Samatoa bridges the gap between the rich and the poor using fair and ethical commerce, offering a chance to each person to surpass their condition and elevate themselves.

Eco-friendly, empowerment of women, sustainable economic development.

Products and services

Scarves and eco-textile fabrics

Minimum order criteria

1 metre

Maximum order criteria

50 metres

Typical Product lead times

3 months

100$ for a full set of samples

Closest shipping ports

Can export everywhere