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Abury Collection

Paul-Lincke-Ufer 8e
Berlin 10999
Main Contact
Andrea Kolb
Tel: +491749208641

Key products/services

Knitwear, bags and accessories, handmade designs with a story and a meaning – beyond fashion.


Under the positioning of “Beyond Fashion”, ABURY combines the desire for style and ethics, exclusiveness and sustainability. ABURY seeks, preserves and distributes exclusive, authentic handicrafts from all over the world – unique and original handmade designs, desirable fashion items with a real meaning.

The label started with “BerberBags”, traditionally handcrafted leather bags from Morocco. ABURY supports the preservation of cultural variety and creates the opportunities for people to earn a living through the traditional capital of their culture.

In the future, ABURY will compile new, handcrafted original items from other regions of the world and turn them into extraordinary collections.

Well-known German actresses, such as Jana Pallaske and Bettina Zimmermann, support ABURY:

“My ABURY BerberBag accompanies me everyday – on my travels around the wild wide world and when appearing on red carpets in an evening dress – the bag with a clean conscience – and with a touch of fairy dust! With magic and history!”

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Ethical Focus & Policy

ABURY believes that everybody has exceptional skills, they just need an environment where they can blossom.

Abury supports local communities and traditions by building schools to teach young women the old craft of leather embroidery again. With this, they have the opportunity to earn their own money in their traditional environment or village.

Abury help to preserve craftsmanship and create jobs in rural areas – mostly for women. On top of this, 50% of the profits go back to the producing communities with a focus on supporting education and community projects – e.g. they bought books for a school, supported the building of a new well, and are about to provide a teacher who also teaches the young women how to read and write.

The main material they are working with is leather. They are also using natural straw, wool and organic cotton. The leather is vegetally tanned and sourced locally. All threads and leather colours have been tested by Eco Institut in Switzerland. They cut the leather optimised and use leftovers for pompoms etc. to reduce waste.


Self-conscious and confident, stylish city women. Well educated with high incomes. Love traveling and exploring cultures.


Pricing information

Wholesale: 40€ – 175€

Retail: 99€ – 490€

Minimum order criteria

5 pieces for wholesale orders.

Maximum order criteria

1000 pieces

Typical Product lead times

4-6 weeks for wholesale orders.

Closest shipping ports

Shipping worldwide with DHL. Lead time depending on location.