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Arthur & Henry

United Kingdom
Main Contact
Clare Lissaman
Tel: +44 7712 633070

Key products/services

Stylish and ethical menswear.


Arthur & Henry believe that every man needs a good shirt and founded the brand to provide beautiful and ethical men’s shirts. Proper shirts with cuffs (double and single) and collars. Shirts you can wear to work, to the pub, on a date…

Arthur & Henry (the founder’s grandfathers) both lived in an age where a shirt was both an every day item of clothing, and something special to be looked after. Holes darned, cuffs reversed & collars starched. Arthur & Henry don’t yearn for a rose tinted past, but take inspiration from it. An era when men dressed just that little bit smarter and clothes were made to last.

Arthur & Henry can also provide ‘fair & green’ sourcing and production services as well as private label production.

Ethical Certification/Memberships

  • Fairtrade certified
  • Fair Wear Foundation

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Ethical Focus & Policy

Arthur & Henry’s values are pretty simple: do less harm, do more good.

Arthur & Henry aims to benefit both people and planet. They only use sustainable fibres: organic cotton, fair trade cotton and linen. Both organic and fair trade cotton are premium price fibres, helping farmers’ income as well as being good for the environment. Their shirts are made by skilled Indian tailors who are paid decent wages in a factory with good working conditions. The factory is now GOTS certified and is regularly audited against various codes including the ETI base code.

They are expanding into other menswear products. In 2013 Arthur & Henry co-designed scarves with the Panchachuli co-operative, transforming women’s lives and livelihoods in the Himalayas. They also stock other ethical brands including Elvis & Kresse (upcycled) and Just Trade (fair trade).

Shirts are packaged in compostable ‘poly’bags. Paper and cardboard used when sending to customers is FSC/recycled.

Arthur & Henry plans to work more with fair trade / artisanal projects, having a more direct impact on poor communities and is taking steps to start measuring more the impact of working in the factory on the tailors lives and livelihoods.

Contact Info

General email: info@arthurandhenry.com
Main number: +44 (0)20 7043 3043


Pricing information

Wholesale: £28 – £49

Retail: £35 – £90

Products and services

Arthur & Henry is the first full collection of proper eco / ethical shirts for men. Quality shirts, with attention paid to detail, made in organic cotton, fair trade cotton and linen. Plain, striped, printed. Double cuff and single cuff.

Minimum order criteria


Typical Product lead times

Smaller quantities from stock. Larger quantities 16 weeks.

Closest shipping ports

Ships worldwide.
Smaller quantities from stock held in UK. For larger orders / private label, shipping may be direct from Bangalore please contact Arthur & Henry for more information.