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Vesika Pisces

Main Contact
Michelle Walmsley
Tel: (+1-647) 869-9427

Key products/services

Luxury line of sustainable women’s swim, beach and resort wear.


Vesika Pisces is a women’s resort collection comprised of swimwear, casual beach attire, accessories and evening wear made from natural, organic, recycled or upcycled materials and components. Custom-fitting is offered for those seeking bespoke garments.

Intricate details, vibrant prints and unique embellishments give the pieces designed to be both comfortable to wear and easy to travel with, a unique, artistic feel.

Inspired by Nature and Women, Vesika Pisces strives to address issues within the fashion industry which often impact ecology and women in garment producing countries in a harmful way. Vesika Pisces’s mission is to continue to improve upon all aspects of business in order to become a company that is trusted by those seeking fashion that makes them feel good in every way.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

By sourcing only eco-friendly fabrics such as certified organic cotton, sustainable beechwood modal, 100% recycled polyester and other natural materials such as hemp and silk, the environmental impact of Vesika Pisces is minimized.

Only volatile organic compound (VOC) free, water-based inks are used for custom printing, and only hemp or 100% recycled paper is used for promotional and administrative needs.

All waste generated is either recycled or re-used. An example of this is upcycled earrings created from fabric offcuts and remnant chains from the first collection and fashion show.

From a production standpoint, Vesika Pisces has started working directly with artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico to commission traditional embroidery which will be included in part of the upcoming collection, ensuring a fair wage while also helping to promote the continuation of traditional crafts in this beautiful region with a strong Indigenous community and Heritage.

Vise Pisces is setting up production with a small workshop, also in Oaxaca, in order to establish a close relationship with all involved in the production of the collection, which allows Vesika Pisces to continue to ensure fair wages and working conditions are at the heart of business activities.


Pricing information

Wholesale: $1o-$300 (USD)

Retail: $12-$600 (USD)

Minimum order criteria

$1,000 (USD)

Typical Product lead times

1-2 months.

Closest shipping ports

Everywhere, from Canada.

Returns on unworn merchandise accepted.