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Main Contact
Prerna Chandak
Tel: 647-669-0576

Key products/services

Eco-friendly, trendy and artisan accessories.


Shopanthropic is a Canadian ethical fashion label based in Toronto, Canada.

Shopanthropic collaborates with artisans in various countries include Bangladesh, Cambodia and India to produce it’s collections. Shopanthropic provides artisans with the training and resources needed to enhance their knowledge and create products that can help ensure they build sustainable micro-businesses.
Shopanthropic’s collections are affordably priced, allowing a broader consumer base to shop trendy designs.

Shopanthropic retails online and in stores in Canada, USA, UK and Australia. Shopanthropic will also continue to evolve its product lines — new designs, new materials and new products are on the horizon. There is also a focus on expanding work with artisans in other countries.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

The Shopanthropic collection is eco-friendly and ethically-made.

The company sources sustainable materials that are local to the regions they work in, whenever possible. In Bangladesh, they work with materials such as coconut fibre and jute, while in Cambodia, materials such as recycled bombshell metal and paper are used. The company also attempts to work with mostly women artisans, empowering them to build a sustainable livelihood.

Shopanthropic’s work in Bangladesh, Cambodia and India has helped dozens of artisans develop/enhance employable skill sets and fund a sustainable livelihood. The work that Shopanthropic has done in a number of co-operatives in the three countries has had a meaningful social, financial and environmental impact in these communities. By using eco-friendly materials like natural dyes and coconut fiber along with promoting other day-to-day eco-friendly living practices, Shopanthropic continues to educate it’s artisans about the importance of looking after the environment.

The work that Shopanthropic continues to do has also had a significant impact on the development of newer co-ops who have had the opportunity to learn, grow, test and build with the company. They have developed stronger confidence that has helped them in approaching other global ethical fashion brands to partner and collaborate with. This is all exciting progress that the company hopes to continue to further.


Primarily women (women’s accessories including jewelry and scarves); men and women’s gifts (passport covers, home decor, etc.).

Pricing information

Wholesale: $10 to $50

Retail: $20 to $100

Minimum order criteria

Varies, as low as 10 pieces

Typical Product lead times

Time varies per location, anywhere from 1 week to 4 weeks

Closest shipping ports

Shopanthropic ships worldwide from Canada. Orders are shipped via Canada Post, UPS and FedEx.