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Sinerji Organic Clothing

Main Contact
Alice Jones
Tel: +61423955531

Key products/services

Easy to wear, ethical garments made from environmentally friendly materials.


“Fashion is a form of expression, a link to our identity, and a fundamental part of everyday life; like food, it should feel good, look fantastic, and be created with environmental and ethical integrity.”

The Sinerji ethos is to create timeless, ethical, sustainable garments that feel great to wear and connect the wearer to the production story of their garment.

The collections are inspired by iconic Australian flora and fauna, the colours of desert sunsets and wild beaches, Kangaroo Paw, Cockatoos & Lyrebirds.

Sinerji is designed to enhance and celebrate all body shapes, with integrity from seed to finished garment. Refined and playful lifestyle coordinates, as well as the brands’ signature fabulous trouser styles, in unmatched quality fabrics, have created a loyal, repeat customer for the brand and their stockists.

They maintain a strong focus on tailoring and quality, this has gained them a following among working professionals who want garments that feel good, are handmade and unique, as well as essential wardrobe pieces.

Sinerji wearers have an active lifestyle and require adaptable styles that are suited to both city and coastal living, and are perfect for travelling and layering in different climates.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

Sinerji production is fair trade and sweat-shop free. Maintaining personal contact with sewers is a key component to Sinerji production. Fabrics are organic natural fibre and non-GM. Cotton is rain-fed to ensure minimal water usage. Natural dyes create exquisite and unique colours; print and embroidery illuminate.

The hand loomed organic cotton is structured, soft and long wearing. The thread is dyed using natural dyes, and loomed into fabric. It is then sewn by individual tailors, using Sinerji’s Australian made patterns.

No pesticides are used in the process of growing, dyeing and looming this fabric, and production is fair trade. This process involves many people in the same region.

Bemberg-Modal: this fabric is made up of 50% Bemberg (from organic cotton), and 50% Modal (derived from sustainably farmed Beech trees). It is silk like, cool and drapes beautifully.

Sinerji uses Oeko-Tek 100 certified yarn, and the vegetable dyes and production for this fabric have attained GOTs certification.


Pricing information

Wholesale: $16 – $100 AUD

Retail: $35 – $210 AUD

Minimum order criteria

$1,000 AUD

Maximum order criteria

$20,000 AUD

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