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Sourcing to sustainable standards is a challenge. It is also the main reason why the Ethical Fashion Forum gets more than 100 requests for information every week.

In response, the Ethical Fashion Forum was running a seminar series throughout 2009 called “Spotlight on Sourcing”, as part of our Fashion+ project, focused on how fashion can change lives.

All events were an opportunity to make valuable contacts to facilitate sustainable sourcing. To support this, we created a social networking site so that all event participants can make contact before and after events.



Registration for any event will give you an invite to join the online forum specific to the topic of the event.

Sign up for any event to access the Spotlight on Sourcing group on the EFF network, where you will find a summary of panel discussions available to download from all Spotlight on Sourcing events.


Evening seminars on the 3rd Tuesday of every month (excluding fashion weeks) featuring presentations by leading practitioners and experts, updates from suppliers, sourcing marketplace, and structured networking.

Masterclasses for smaller groups, going into more depth on each of the issues raised by seminars. Run by experts and practitioners. Masterclasses allow you to focus and work through sourcing challenges faced by your business


We are currently designing the next Spotlight on Sourcing series. To be notified when the series will commence please sign-up to our newsletter. Alternatively if you would like to be involved in either the Seminars or the Masterclasses as a speak please email us

  • All seminars take place from 6pm at RichMix
  • All masterclasses take place from 2pm at RichMix



Fashion + is a DfID funded project aimed at reducing poverty and creating sustainable livelihoods in the supply chains to the UK fashion industry.

The project will do this through:

  1. Increasing understanding of development issues amongst fashion professionals, in particular the opportunities for poverty reduction
  2. Providing the tools and resources fashion professionals need to make informed choices in their working roles

The project aims to integrate training on development, poverty reduction and sustainable livelihood creation as a core part of all fashion business training in the UK.


August 18th 09 Masterclass: Producing Overseas: Assessing & Improving Working Conditions

With an increase in concern by the media and consumers over how our clothes are produced overseas. It has become vital for a fashion business and its employees to have knowledge not only on how to assess factories working conditions but also be educated on how to improve working conditions.

This masterclass looked in depth at the way individual businesses can assess and improve working conditions if producing fashion products overseas.

Facilitated by:

Julia Hawkins, Ethical Trading Iniative
Alex Smith, Ethical Business Consultant
Clare Lissaman, Supply Chain Expert

Case studies: THTC, EDUN LIVE, Panchachuli, Komodo

August 18th 09 Evening Seminar and Marketplace: Spotlight on Africa

This seminar provided an insight in to the specific challenges and opportunities related to sourcing fashion products from a range of locations within Africa.


Colin McDowell, The Chair
Cristina Cisilion, Founder of MADE
Rohit Kuthiala, Senior Consultant- Supply chain at Accenture
Jo Maiden, Founder of SOKO
Claire Hamer, former buyer at Topshop, supply chain consultant
Eric Manu, Founder of Clothes Show Live, Ghana

July 21st 09 Evening Seminar and Marketplace: Spotlight on Brazil and Latin America

An insight into why people source from Latin America, systems to solve & overcome challenges a business may face and how businesses have maximised benefits to communities and minimised environmental impact.

The Chair: Clare Lissaman Ethical supply chain consultant
Expert in supply, auditing, certifications and standards.

Nicholas Watson Founder of Jungle Berry
Discussing how Brazil and Latin America has inspired brand, and how sourcing from Brazil and Latin America can create opportunities for a business.

Aurélie Dumont Communications Manager for Veja
Challenges that brands have faced when sourcing from Brazil & Latin America and how these can be overcome

Andrea Fasanello Founder and Designer of ModaFusion
Discussing how through the apparel industry, social and environmental benefits that have been created for societies and individuals in Brazil and Latin America.

July 21st 09 Masterclass: Certification and Standards

A more in depth introduction to Certification and Standards

Tamsin Lejeune Director of Ethical Fashion Forum.
Overview of various certifiers and introduce case studies of brands that have experience in certification and standards

Tom Smith Marketing Manager for Sedex.
Introducing Sedex’s work and discussing how Sedex can be used as a tool for smaller businesses.

Heidi Ellis Historic Futures
Introducing String and examples of how String has helped retailers with certification.

Clare Lissaman Ethical supply chain consultant
Clare will be introducing various certification and standards through a case study of Adili

June 23rd 09 Evening Seminar and Marketplace: Certifications and Standards

The Chair, David Loyn BBC’s developing country correspondent

Carol Wills Executive Director of World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO)

Allanna McAspurn UK General Manager for Made-By

Lee Holdstock Soil Association and Representative for Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS

Vanessa Parr Fairtrade Foundation

June 23rd 09 Masterclass: Funding and Finance

Identifies specific challenges and opportunities for funding for small to medium enterprises in the ethical fashion sector.

Tamsin Lejeune Director of Ethical Fashion Forum
Funding Options for social enterprise and best practice case studies

Chris Powles, Expert in receiving funding
Raising funding from private investors

Ben Ramsden, Founder of Pants to Poverty
Hitting the headlines with your brand- to generate traffic to your website and increase sales

Cyndi Rhoades Founder of Worn Again
Partnerships – how to approach big brands and open doors for your brand.

May 19th 09 Evening Seminar and Marketplace: Spotlight on Asia

Sourcing from Asia is inevitable for most fashion businesses. This seminar explains how garment workers continue to be exploited within Asia and provides an insight into changing this through examples of best practice.


Abigail Petit, Gossypium

Clare Lissaman Ethical Supply chain consultant

Sury Bagenal Head of Design at Adili

Bernice Leppard Code of Practice Manager at Next

Julia Hawkins Ethical Trading Initiative

May 19th 09 Masterclass: Working with Cooperatives

A more in depth introduction to working with cooperatives


Mo Tomaney, Ethical Consultant

Tamsin Lejeune, Director for Ethical Fashion Forum

April 21st 09 Evening Seminar and Marketplace: Working with small cooperatives

Identifies how fashion businesses, from small designer businesses to the largest high street retailers, as well as the luxury sector, have built effective partnerships with small co-operatives.

Safia Minney, PeopleTree

Lance Clark, Soul of Africa and Clarks shoes

Richard Stubbs, MADE

Christina Archer, the Body Shop

Judith Condor Vidal,Trading for Development

April 21st 09 Masterclass: Sustainable Manufacture Masterlcass

A more in depth introduction to sustainable manufacturing


Prama Bhardwaj, Marketing Director for Mantis World

Paul Yiulle, THTC
Responsible manufacture in China, India and Thailand

March 17th 09 Evening seminar: Sourcing marketplace: Sustainable manufacture


Prama Bhardwaj, Mantis World
RE Fashion Award winning factories in Tanzania

Fiona Gooch, Responsible Purchasing Initiative
Examples of best practice

Paul Yiulle, THTC
Responsible manufacture in China, India and Thailand

Catherine Whitehead, Páramo Directional Clothing Systems
Changing lives in Columbia

Fiona Sadler, M&S
At the cutting edge: Sustainable production and complex supply chains

Mark Bloom, Komodo
Designer Womenswear brand and MADE BY member

PANEL CHAIR: Claire Lissaman

Ethical Fashion Sourcing Marketplace and networking, featuring:

Kibotrade, Bet-On Design, Mantis World, Paramo

Loop, Zameen, Mumo, Fairly Covered, Class

Agents, Certification and Support Organisations
MADE BY, Organic Exchange, EJF, World Fair Trade Organisation, Fairtrade Foundation

March 17th 09 Masterclass: Sustainable fabrics

A more in depth introduction to sustainable fabric sourcing


Jocelyn Whipple
Founder and director of Loop Fabrics and Element 23, as well as experience in sourcing and supply for several large retailers

Sarah Ratty
Founder and director of Ciel. Has 20 years experience in sourcing sustainable fabrics for designer fashion

Kirstin Samuels

January 20th 09 evening seminar: Sustainable Fabrics and Components

A practical introduction to how a range of practitioners have sourced fabrics and components, and input from suppliers. Followed by networking/ marketplace of sustainable fabric suppliers.


Abi Rushton, Tesco Clothing
Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing, Sustainable fabrics for the mass market

Ben Ramsden, Zameen (organic cotton fabric suppliers)
A golden supply chain for cotton

Rani Patel and Lucy Jones, RaniJones
Sourcing sustainably as a new business

Jackie Andrews, Consultant, luxury textiles
Fabrics for the luxury sector

Kirsten Samuels, MUMO (Sustainable fabric suppliers)
Fabrics and techniques from Brazil

PANEL CHAIR: Claire Lissaman

Followed by introductions to:

Loop fabric
Tammam, fabrics from India
Environmental Justice Foundation, Uzbekistan cotton
New Entrepreneurs, Sustainable business advice days

24th September 08 Evening seminar: Fashion Leaders Speak

Fashion leaders and pioneers talked about what they have done, how and why they have done it.

This session was an introduction to the Fashion+ project. The focus of Fashion+ is the positive potential impact of fashion. It aims to go beyond the discussion of the sustainability challenges that face the industry, to give practical examples of how fashion professionals and businesses have found ways to address them.


Designer label
Christine Driscoll, Edun

Amy Benstead, Stirling Group

Pioneering small business
Ben Ramsden, Pants to Poverty

Large retailer/ Buyer within large company
Claire Hamer, Topshop

Simone Cipriani, Africa Inspires

PANEL CHAIR: Joanna Yarrow

Steering Group: Engaging Fashion Business Support Organisations

Working with fashion business support organisations and training bodies across the UK is an important part of the project. Round table and one to one meetings are being held on an ongoing basis and a project steering group will meet annually, to steer the project over a three year period.

Training and Resources Training events and resources are being developed around the following key themes:

Buying Practices
The ways in which fashion professionals can influence development through their purchasing practices

The global nature of the industry, fashion supply chains and opportunities for adding value for communities through supply chain choices

Empowering the people behind fashion – Creating sustainable Livelihoods

Standards, Certification, Codes of Conduct, and auditing, in relation to fashion & textiles


The Fashion+ project was launched by the Ethical Fashion Forum in May 2008 after receiving 3 year funding from the UK Department for International Development.

The Ethical Fashion Forum (EFF) is a network of designers, businesses and organisations focusing upon social and environmental sustainability in the fashion industry.

The Department for International Development (DFID) is the part of the UK Government that manages Britain’s aid to poor countries and works to get rid of extreme poverty.


Centre for Innovation and Partnership (CIPS, Newham College)
Designer Forum
Eco Design Network
Environmental Justice Foundation
Ethical Trading Initiative
Fairtrade Foundation
Fairwair Foundation
Fashion Capital/Fashion Enter
Fashioning an Ethical Industry
Foundation Agency
London College of Fashion
Made By
Make your Mark/ New Entrepreneurship Programme
Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS)
Organic Exchange
Own It
Portobello Business Centre
Skillfast UK

If you would like to learn more or get involved with the project please send an email to fashion+@ethicalfashionforum.com

6. Spotlight on Sourcing 2009

Sustainable sourcing is not just essential for the future of the environment and the people behind fashion- it also makes commercial sense.
The Ethical Fashion Forum is running a training series called “Spotlight on Sourcing”, as part of our Fashion+ project, focused on how fashion can change lives.

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